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Prime Loops – Minimal Synthesis

Prime Loops – Minimal Synthesis

Разработчик: Prime Loops
Формат: Wav
Объем: 82,0 МБ
Minimal Synthesis is a futuristic micro-slice of pristine Minimal Synth Loops bursting with crystal clear synthetic ingredients. The Minimal samples is a landmark in Dance music’s evolution – a distinct contemporary style providing pure samples innovation for the next generation of Djs and Music Producers..

Found within this intricately hand-crafted sample release are over 100 samples synthesised loops from obscure twisted synth to rustic ambient chord samples, beautifully glitchy rhythmical synthetic to pulsating chemically defused lead samples, distilled and detailed FX lick to beautifully concise sonic melodic samples – Minimal Synthesis take you a step further with a deep pool of highly evolved synthesised tools providing high definition Minimal production sampletools for advanced experimentation.

This nu-era sample release will deliver a refreshing slice of inspiration for producers of Minimal styles, Tech-House, Glitch & Electronica, with a much needed digitally organic feel designed for the clubs.

 Категория Атмосферные Электронные
 Тип Лупы
 Темп 120, 124, 125, 126
 Формат wav


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