» » » Club Bangers Hip-Hop Pack - сборник клубных хип-хоп сэмплов

Club Bangers Hip-Hop Pack - сборник клубных хип-хоп сэмплов

Big Fish Audio Club Bangers Hip Hop Pack
This download contains 1.03 Gb of content in WAV, REX, Apple Loop, and RMX formats (405 MB of 24-bit WAV files). The contents of this download include 8 construction kits. In total, 151 WAV loops and sounds are included. Each kit contains a main mix, plus each element broken out into its own loop. Also included in each kit is a folder of drum hits and “Drum Trax.” “Drum Trax” give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Now you have full access to remix.

Издатель Big Fish Audio
 Качество 24bit / 44.1kHz / stereo
 Категория Ударные Струнные Клавишные Духовые Электронные Вокальные
 Сэмплы brass, drum, scratch, sweep, synth, fx, sfx, effect, orchestra, 808, bongo, kick, snare, bass, pad, guitar, string, clap, shaker, vocal, voice, vox, piano, key, horn, hihat, hat, snap, tom
 Стиль Hip-Hop
 Тип One-shots Лупы Пресеты
 Пресеты Reason Apple loops
 Темп 89, 90, 95, 96, 98, 102, 120
 Формат wav aiff rx2 rmx


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