» » » Rhythm Guitars - сэмплы гитары для современной танцевальной музыки

Rhythm Guitars - сэмплы гитары для современной танцевальной музыки

Vengeance Rhythm Guitars
Finally! A guitar sample pack from Vengeance! With more than 1.4GB of data spread over 1150 WAV files, contemporary producers will find a whole world of guitars, perfectly tailored for modern dance music! Every guitar loop is recorded by an industry professional using the highest quality gear. Layer guitar beneath your chart vocals in the break, or use them as the main element for your club track, everything you need is here! This pack is extremely flexible: each guitar construction kit contains guitar loops in each note, (C, C#, D, D#, etc.), in both major and minor! The chords can be arranged just the way you want them. Just select the desired guitar (Nylon, Latin, Electro, Steel, Distortion, etc...), then choose and integrate the rhythm chords of your song. It's that easy!

Издатель Vengeance
 Качество 16bit / 44.1kHz / stereo
 Категория Струнные Электронные
 Сэмплы guitar, string, distrotion, electric, e-guitar, nylon, acoustic
 Стиль Club, Discofunk, Dance, Funk, Jagfunk, Latin, Pop, Disco
 Тип Лупы
 Темп 128, 130, 134, 140
 Формат wav

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