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Ultimate Fills Vol.3 - электронные лупы и midi

Vengeance Ultimate Fills 3
Vengeance arms modern club producers with more than 500 buildups, breaks and fills. Every fill is mixed down multiple times (drums only, fx only, snares only, etc.) so you can combine and mix your own dance floor-destroying fill. You can also select between 4-32 bars in length, and between 128 BPM (Electro, House, etc.) and 140 BPM (Dance, Dubstep, etc.). This huge sample pack is an incredible time saver and source of inspiration, and even includes MIDI files so you can incorporate your own drums.

Издатель Vengeance
 Качество 16bit / 44.1kHz / stereo
 Категория Ударные Электронные Вокальные
 Сэмплы bassline, melody, drum, lead, pad, piano, fx, sfx, effect, vocal, voice, vox, kick, arp
 Стиль Electro, House, Dance, Dubstep
 Тип Лупы MIDI
 Темп 128, 140
 Формат wav midi


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