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Alien Landscapes - коллекция звуковых текстур

HG Sounds Alien Landscapes
Коллекция звуковых текстур в духе Trans Global Underground, Boards of Canada and Pink Floyd. "Alien Landscapes, has plenty of atmospheres and pads and, in places, sounds like the Pro Samples chilled collection, also reviewed here. There are plenty of digital sweepy type effects and scary backdrops. Some of the later effects combine radio noise for dramatic effect.

Издатель HG Sounds
 Качество 16bit / 44.1kHz / stereo
 Категория Атмосферные Электронные
 Сэмплы alien, texture, effect, atmo, ambient, atmosphere, background
 Тип Пресеты
 Пресеты Kontakt
 Формат nki


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