» Nordic Upright Piano V2 - cэмплы пианино для Kontakt

Nordic Upright Piano V2 - cэмплы пианино для Kontakt

Nordic Upright Piano V2 - cэмплы пианино для Kontakt

Производитель: Precisionsound
Качество: 24 bit Частота 44,1 kHz Каналы mono
Системные требования: Native Instruments - Kontakt 3.5.0 + - скачать Kontakt 5.0.2

Nordic Upright Piano - эмуляция пианино Futura II 1974 года выпуска (Vetlanda, Sweden).

The piano we have chosen for this SampleSet is the Futura II, made by Nordiska Pianofabriken (Vetlanda, Sweden, in 1974).
The complete SampleSet contains 713 individual 24 bit Mono WAV samples.
The goal behind the Nordic Upright Piano is to capture the ring and dynamics of a good essential Swedish piano. This is a sampled piano that gives you freedom to place it in any ambient environment of your choice.
The instrument was sampled in mono and the position of the close positioned microphone was changed per each octave. Then the piano was "re-built" in the digital domain by giving each string it's own position in the stereo field. The result is a dry piano that gives you the flexibility to place it in any sonic environment you like.
The recording was supervised by an authorized concert piano technician to secure that it was properly tuned.
Nordic Upright piano is sampled in 5 velocity layers at most, with 5 layers for note and 5 for release samples for the whole keyrange (A0 to C8) and seamlessly looped.

 Категория Клавишные
 Тип One-shots Пресеты
 Пресеты Kontakt Sylenth1
 Формат exs24 sf2 sfz wav клавишные exs fxp nki


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